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In Memory and Celebration of Bobby McCormick

Bobby McCormick appreciated a sharp knife.

That's one reason he loved Skyblade Knives.  Skyblade Knives hold up to abuse, and hold their edge. 


Bobby grew up hunting, fishing, and saw-milling in the low country of South Carolina and Georgia. A professor of economics at Clemson University, Bobby could call turkeys, skin bucks, and fry honey buns (no joke) like nobody else. He had a few rules, but they were simple: keep your blade sharp, treat firearms with the respect they deserve, and get outside and have some fun. 


Bobby made Six Mile, SC his home. And that home was an oasis for family and friends to laugh, cook, eat, drink Pabst, and tell stories (some true). 


The Six Mile Caper celebrates Bobby McCormick.

Buy one, celebrate Bobby, and take a kid outdoors.


-Reed Watson, Bobby student


Bobby McCormick was a great man and a good friend.

He always greeted me with a firm handshake, a smile, and respect.

We shared dinners, beers, stories of the mountains, and the love of Skyblade Knives.

Bobby purchased dozens of my custom knives over the years, many which he

generously gifted to his friends and family.

He loved a small, compact blade, and always carried one on his side.

My latest design is a small caper perfect for everyday carry and endless uses.

It was the last knife Bobby purchased from me.

In celebration of Bobby, this knife will be known as the Six Mile Caper.

Thanks for the memories, Bobby!  You will be missed...

Todd Orr, owner Skyblade Knives

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